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North Fork Yuba River

This is not a river with hot spots, the best way to fish this river is to keep moving if you are not catching right away. Most people drive along the river until they see a spot they want to fish, but if they are not there, keep moving. Above and below the campgrounds tend to be fished out, also, above and below bridges tend to hold stocks only.

The upper sections of the river are full of beaver ponds and offer good small brookie fishing. But the fish are sketchy, so walk lightly and give the fish time to settle back down after you approach a new section to fish.

Where Basset Creek runs into the river (one half mile below Bassetts Resort) the North Fork of the Yuba becomes a full fledged river. Along this section the river contains small falls, rapids, pocket water, and brushy sides. Your best bet is to fish the pocket water, just park at any turnout and climb down to the river and start fishing.

There is a special-regulations section from Sierra City downstream to Ladies Canyon Creek, a distance of 4.7 miles. You can only use barbless flys or lures and there is a 2 trout limit (10 inches or bigger). This is a wild trout section, allowing no stocking. The fishing in this section is about the same as the rest of the river.

From Downieville south where the Highway 49 bridge crosses the river is the last section of the drive up access to the river. There are numerous campgrounds along this 13 miles stretch, and the section is stocked. Therefore this may not be your first spot of choice.

There are also numerous quality tributaries feeding the North Fork Yuba that could be of interest to the adventurous fly fisherman. Generally speaking the fish tend to be a bit smaller, but not always, and the approaches can involve hiking and rock scrambling. Though one can experience a very quality fish day and possibly hook into a big lurking brown. Here is a list of some tributaries that might interest you... Haypress Creek, Salmon Creek, The Downie River, Lavezzola Creek, and Pauley Creek.
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