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Truckee River

The wonderful Truckee River begins in Tahoe City and flows over one hundred miles to Pyramid Lake. The stretch of river from Tahoe City to The Western States Bridge consists of many deep pools and it is because of this that nymphing techniques and sinking line tactics are preferred. Dry Fly Fishing does happen on this upper stretch of river but not as often. Contrary to what many people believe this river has not been stocked since the spring of 2001. There was an attempt at that time to re-introduce the Lahontan Cutthroat but that proved to be unsuccessful.

Simply stated, there are not many fish between Tahoe City and where Donner Creek flows into the Truckee. With the exception of the fish that may come out of Donner Lake, Martis Reservoir or Boca/ Stampede the Truckee River is truly a self sustaining Wild Trout River. This information is not intended to discourage anyone from fishing the upper 14 miles. As many books have mentioned this is a great stretch of river to practice technique and there is always the possibility of catching a good size Brown or Rainbow. There is a five fish limit in this stretch but responsible anglers should consider taking fewer fish or practicing Catch and Release methods. In the next stretch between Donner Creek and Trout Creek the size and number of fish slightly increases and nymphing is still the preferred method.

The next stretch of river beginning with Trout Creek is where the Special Regulations start. These regulations require barbless hooks, no bait and a two fish limit. This continues downstream to where Gray Creek dumps into the Truckee. The fact that this section opens up for casting and is easy wading makes it ideal for Fly Fisher persons. From Gray Creek to the Nevada State line the 5 fish limit goes into affect again. The water in this stretch constantly changes. The many deep pools and riffles may require a multi rod arsenal providing the fisher person with the ability to nymph, dry cast and apply streamer techniques.

As with any form of outdoor recreation, preservation and conservation should be of concern. If you have any questions about current regulations for the areas you plan to fish please call Truckee River Outfitters at (530) 582-0900. Fish On!