Doug goes over a few tips and hot spots that will improve your fishing, with or without Doug. Good Luck.

Find out about your lunch options that Divided Sky Fly Fishing offers. Doug is truly a masterful chef.


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The Guided Experience

Part of the allure of fly fishing is its fascinating tackle, both old and new. The beauty of the artificial fly in its myriad forms along with all of the gear can be a bit overwhelming to a novice. Your guided experience with Divided Sky will eliminate guess work and confusion by giving you instruction on how, when, and where to fish these flies. Choosing the right rod along with advice on casting techniques will enable the angler to target, hook, play and land his or her catch. Fly fishing is much more than just a method of enticing fish from the water. Coping with all kinds of fishing conditions and bank side topography are all part of the challenges fly fisher faces. The experienced angler may be interested in enhancing these skills in addtiotn to developing an awareness of the Entomology of our waters. The Waters of the Sierra's, whether in motion or at rest are a constant joy to the beholder. Considerate fly fishing can help protect and conserve both the trout and natural resources from damage, this is why perfecting the Catch and Release method is part of our practice.

Lunch on the River
Your day with Divided Sky is custom made to fulfill your needs. You may want to take a midday break to enjoy your homemade lunch riverside or maybe you just want to "graze" between fishing holes. Either way the choice is yours, you can bring your own or request something delicious from our menu.

We provide everything you will need!
We can provide gear if needed just let us know what sizes. In the SIerras it is not unusual to experience a 10-20 degree temperature change during the course of the day and staying warm and dry is important so it is wise to bring layers. Mobility when casting is essential, so bear this in mind when selecting clothing.

So whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned fly fisher your guided experience with Divided Sky will set you solidly on the right path too becoming a worthy angler.